Having a TASER in my life gives me something that is priceless: feeling safe.

If that isn't enough reason to own a TASER device, here are four other reasons for you to consider.
I love my TASER C2!
Safety Within Reach

 I can feel my TASER's power within my reach. It's Right there, in my purse, ready to be used. That is such an important factor for me because I don't want to panic and have to decide between Fight or Flight. No doubt, I am Fighting! If I am in danger, whether I am alone or in a crowded street, I feel confident and ready to defend myself. I would definitely feel at risk if I had to rely on my fighting skills! Also, I can quickly move it to a more convenient place, like the pocket of my hooded sweater. If its within reach, I am at peace.

I Know my Assailant Will Remain Immobile

The second  I use my TASER C2 on my attacker, I am at ease knowing that they will not be able to hurt me. I can now calmly call the police and be assured that I will be safe until they arrive. Thanks to my C2, they will stay right where I left them. No need to try to out run anyone or worry that someone will knock me down. I refuse to be the helpless victim when it comes to my safety.

I Know its Reliable

One thing I can count on is that my TASER C2 is going to work when I need it.  I am not going to get a "try later" or "not in service" response! If I push the button, its as good as done. Without a doubt, this gives me a feeling of confidence. I like to take chances in life, but not with my safety.  

I Know I Didn't Permanently Injure Anyone

 Even though my attacker could have caused serious injury to me, I don't know that I can be okay with doing the same to them. Once the effects wear off, they are able to go back to normal. If I had used a gun, there's no telling what could have been the outcome: paralysis, amputation, or even death. However, with  a TASER, I am able to sleep at night knowing that this will never be the case.

I have never had to use my TASER in real life, but I have brought it out and held it in my hand when I don't feel safe. Holding it makes me feel better, and I have never been approached. I love my TASER C2 and I think every woman should have one!



02/22/2013 2:33am

I am looking forward to buy this gun


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