The TASER X3 HD is the new flagship electronic control device from TASER International. It looks futuristic, aggressive and unlike anything that TASER has produced to date. It’s loaded with new technology too. But is the price tag worth it?

Before we can determine the pros and cons of this new device, it’s important to know exactly what the TASER X3 HD is. Unlike other TASER products, the X3 HD has the ability to hold three cartridges at the same time. The HD stands for Home Defender which follows in the company’s rich tradition of creating civilian versions of law enforcement models. The police version of this device is known as the TASER X3 and is not available to civilians.

To provide perspective for this analysis, we only compared the TASER X3 HD to other TASER products.

Pros of the TASER X3 HD

·         It has the ability to hold three cartridges simultaneously. Now you have two backup shots available against a single individual, or you can incapacitate three targets at once without reloading.
·         It has a semi automatic mode that enables quick firing of all three cartridges. All other TASER devices need to be reloaded after each firing.
·         Cartridges have a standard range of 25 feet and an extended 35’ range is available. All other TASER devices have a range of 15 feet.
·         Energy pulse rate is 45 pulses per second versus 17 pulses per second with other TASER devices. This translates to quicker and more effective stopping power.
·         Dual range adjusted laser sights enables better accuracy when firing. The X3 automatically selects which sight to use depending on the cartridge range in use.
·         Improved battery capacity and performance compared to previous generations of batteries.
·         Full color graphics on the central information display makes it very easy to obtain and understand data from your X3 HD.


Cons of the TASER X3 HD

·         Price. It is the most expensive TASER product.
·         It doesn’t have the Drive Stun feature that other TASER devices have. This means that it can’t be used like a stun gun in close quarters. All you get is a menacing electric arc when cartridges are loaded.
·         It’s the heaviest and largest of all TASER devices.

When comparing the number of points in each list, it’s easy to conclude that the Pros outweigh the Cons. While this may be true, you have to evaluate the TASER X3 HD’s benefits to your needs. Is the availability of additional rapid fire cartridges important to you, or is a single shot enough? Only you can decide. However, no matter your decision, Mrs. Stun Gun can meet your needs. We carry all TASER products.