Enhancing security in your home is the first step in preventing crime.  Here are 10 tips to help increase the level of personal protection in your home.

1.       Install metal bars across all basement windows.  It is a good deterrent to thieves.  Just make sure they are installed either through the glass panes or on the inside of the house.  Exterior installation makes it easy to remove.

2.       Have a secure front door.  All front doors should open inwards so the hinges are not visible to the outside.  it should be 1.5" thick and a solid core.  Keep doors locked even when your home.

3.       Install proper locks.  Install a deadbolt lock on all exterior doors.  Deadbolts should be at least one inch thick and one inch long.

4.       Build a safe room.  If you are attacked in your home, you may be able to run to the safe room and lock the attacker out while you call for help.  This room is a good place to keep your cell phone battery charger.  This way the phone is there if you ever need to use it.

5.       Purchase motion sensitive exterior lights.  Install them near entrances and other vulnerable areas surrounding your residence.

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6.       Keep your home up.  Your home should have the lived in look even while your away.  The lawn should always be mowed and snow should be shoveled while you're on vacation.

7.       Get to know your neighbors.  They can be your greatest asset if they know when you're gone. It's like an extra set of caring eyes.

8.       Get a dog.  Even a small dog can be a deterrent.  It's much easier for the burglar to go to the neighbors house without a dog than to have to deal with yours.

9.       Answer your door.  If a stranger comes to your door, don't pretend you're not home. Answer it behind the door while keeping it locked and talks through the door or window. If you do decide to open your door, have a charged stun gun in your hand just in case.

10.       Have a proper phone message.  Never leave your personal name on the message and that "you are not home".  Simply say you are not available to take the call. If you are a woman living by yourself, have a male friend create the message for added security.

By following these 10 tips, you will make your home more secure.  And that's what home is all about.  Feeling secure, protected and loved.

As a woman, surely you love spending some nights out having fun, and some of these will be on dates. While you may have chosen to date a guy based on some perceived compatibility, you still shouldn’t let your guard down completely. If this is the first date, you have all the more reason to be cautious while you get to know your guy better. So, would bringing a stun gun protect you on your first date with someone?
We’ve all been there, we’re asked out by a guy and we let him plan the date, and we might be taken to a place we wouldn’t normally go with someone we don’t know so well. What if this is your first time out with him and he takes you to a place where there will be drinking involved? If you’ll be drinking, keep in mind that alcohol can alter your ability to make decisions, which includes the ability to identify suspicious behavior and other warning signs. Keeping a stun gun in your purse gives you the tranquility of knowing that if you don’t have your usual agility to respond to an invasion of your privacy, safety is only one button away.
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If you’re taken to a place that you don’t know, or is a little too far away from your home, keep your ears open for signs of anything suspicious, be aware of the exact location of the place, and always have an escape route. If your date has one too many drinks, keep a friend’s phone number on hand so you have someone to call in case you need to be taken home and your date is indisposed. It’s also a good idea to know of reliable taxi services that could pick you up in that area. In this case, having a stun gun will give you an advantage in case you need to wait outside in the street, especially if the area is dark or unknown.

As with all nightclubs, you should take the precaution of watching your drink being poured and never leaving it unattended. Hopefully, your date took you to a place he already knows, and he’s always there to protect you. Still, having a stun gun in a place where you can easily reach it will give you  the confidence and certainty that if any danger should arise, you have a way of defending yourself. This way, you’ll never be an easy target.

While a stun gun may provide you with the safety of knowing you’re protected in case anything should happen, it’s still not enough to keep you safe from things that might happen while out on a date. We recommend you take precautions to make sure your date goes as planned. After all, you want to be enjoying your date, right? Make sure you have one less thing to worry about by carrying a stun gun with you at all times.