Jewelry. Flowers. Chocolates. Been there, done that. So, what DO you give that special someone? How about a stun gun?

Yes! That's brilliant! A stun It will show them that you have their safety in mind and that you put some thought into the gift. I mean, you had to do some research and see which stun gun was best suited for their needs. You probably went to different websites as well to find the best price. There are many to choose from and Mrs. Stun Gun gives you the lowest prices to ensure that the gift of safety is affordable, so you are at the right place.

Take for instance our Blackout 5 Million Rechargeable Stun Gun (sounds expensive, right?) has an impressive amount of voltage for its size. This means that the higher the voltage, the faster it will get to the attacker's body. Even though it is powerful, this stun gun is smaller than a deck of cards. As an added bonus, it comes with a stylish, durable holster.
Another great option is the Touchdown 7.5 Million Volts Rechargeable Stun Gun. Although it is a little longer than our other products, it is a bit more narrow in design. It comes with a recharger cord which less convenient, but it is the reason why the price is truly a score. This mini stun gun is indeed packed with the power and effectiveness that a woman needs in a stun gun.
Both of these models also have a built-in LED flashlight and have a rubberized shell that adds to the ease of handling. In addition, they have a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and a disable pin to prevent them from being used against you should the attacker take the device.

As you can see, these stun guns are ideal for women to own. And, you will not hear them say, "I hope you have a gift receipt because its not my size." You will, once again, be the one who put some thought into the gift. (That's one of the reasons why you are Moms favorite!) In fact, with this gift, you will be sure that  it won't be tucked away in the closet collecting dust because it will be used everyday. 
Having a TASER in my life gives me something that is priceless: feeling safe.

If that isn't enough reason to own a TASER device, here are four other reasons for you to consider.
I love my TASER C2!
Safety Within Reach

 I can feel my TASER's power within my reach. It's Right there, in my purse, ready to be used. That is such an important factor for me because I don't want to panic and have to decide between Fight or Flight. No doubt, I am Fighting! If I am in danger, whether I am alone or in a crowded street, I feel confident and ready to defend myself. I would definitely feel at risk if I had to rely on my fighting skills! Also, I can quickly move it to a more convenient place, like the pocket of my hooded sweater. If its within reach, I am at peace.

I Know my Assailant Will Remain Immobile

The second  I use my TASER C2 on my attacker, I am at ease knowing that they will not be able to hurt me. I can now calmly call the police and be assured that I will be safe until they arrive. Thanks to my C2, they will stay right where I left them. No need to try to out run anyone or worry that someone will knock me down. I refuse to be the helpless victim when it comes to my safety.

I Know its Reliable

One thing I can count on is that my TASER C2 is going to work when I need it.  I am not going to get a "try later" or "not in service" response! If I push the button, its as good as done. Without a doubt, this gives me a feeling of confidence. I like to take chances in life, but not with my safety.  

I Know I Didn't Permanently Injure Anyone

 Even though my attacker could have caused serious injury to me, I don't know that I can be okay with doing the same to them. Once the effects wear off, they are able to go back to normal. If I had used a gun, there's no telling what could have been the outcome: paralysis, amputation, or even death. However, with  a TASER, I am able to sleep at night knowing that this will never be the case.

I have never had to use my TASER in real life, but I have brought it out and held it in my hand when I don't feel safe. Holding it makes me feel better, and I have never been approached. I love my TASER C2 and I think every woman should have one!

The TASER X3 HD is the new flagship electronic control device from TASER International. It looks futuristic, aggressive and unlike anything that TASER has produced to date. It’s loaded with new technology too. But is the price tag worth it?

Before we can determine the pros and cons of this new device, it’s important to know exactly what the TASER X3 HD is. Unlike other TASER products, the X3 HD has the ability to hold three cartridges at the same time. The HD stands for Home Defender which follows in the company’s rich tradition of creating civilian versions of law enforcement models. The police version of this device is known as the TASER X3 and is not available to civilians.

To provide perspective for this analysis, we only compared the TASER X3 HD to other TASER products.

Pros of the TASER X3 HD

·         It has the ability to hold three cartridges simultaneously. Now you have two backup shots available against a single individual, or you can incapacitate three targets at once without reloading.
·         It has a semi automatic mode that enables quick firing of all three cartridges. All other TASER devices need to be reloaded after each firing.
·         Cartridges have a standard range of 25 feet and an extended 35’ range is available. All other TASER devices have a range of 15 feet.
·         Energy pulse rate is 45 pulses per second versus 17 pulses per second with other TASER devices. This translates to quicker and more effective stopping power.
·         Dual range adjusted laser sights enables better accuracy when firing. The X3 automatically selects which sight to use depending on the cartridge range in use.
·         Improved battery capacity and performance compared to previous generations of batteries.
·         Full color graphics on the central information display makes it very easy to obtain and understand data from your X3 HD.


Cons of the TASER X3 HD

·         Price. It is the most expensive TASER product.
·         It doesn’t have the Drive Stun feature that other TASER devices have. This means that it can’t be used like a stun gun in close quarters. All you get is a menacing electric arc when cartridges are loaded.
·         It’s the heaviest and largest of all TASER devices.

When comparing the number of points in each list, it’s easy to conclude that the Pros outweigh the Cons. While this may be true, you have to evaluate the TASER X3 HD’s benefits to your needs. Is the availability of additional rapid fire cartridges important to you, or is a single shot enough? Only you can decide. However, no matter your decision, Mrs. Stun Gun can meet your needs. We carry all TASER products.

We live in a medium sized city in the north Midwest. It’s a nice place to live, and raise a family. There’s a pro baseball team and a pro football team, two universities and a lot of power shopping centers all around the suburbs.
Our home is in a nice neighborhood about 20 minutes from the downtown. My wife works shift at a hospital, which means she’s often up early, returning home in the mid-afternoon. It’s perfect timing for her, as she gets home just before the kids get out of school.

It’s a good place to live, and we’re happy with our lives. At least we were, until the day my wife was robbed while waiting for public transit.

The public hospital where she works is in an older neighborhood, and it gets pretty seedy sometimes. The ER sees more than its share of drug users, drunks, and assorted beating victims from the poorer sides of town.
Norah was waiting for a bus at a stop just down the street from the hospital. A young punk swaggered up to her and asked for a cigarette. She said no, because she doesn’t smoke.

The punk grabbed the front of her coat, crumpling the fabric tightly with his left hand. He pushed her back against the building’s brickwork.

“Gimme your wallet.”

It was just after 3 in the afternoon, lots of traffic going by a busy intersection. People walked past as panicked, she fumbled with her purse.

The punk grabbed her wallet from her shaking hands, and then thrust her aside.

She stood there terrified, frozen, and not able to think of what to do next. The punk walked about 100 feet before stopping a woman who just turned the corner.

Her bus arrived. The driver could see something was wrong. He helped Norah on the bus before calling the police on his cell phone.

This is what he got her: The Hottie 5 Million
As it worked out, the punk stole less than $5 cash, and two years from my wife – she did not want to go shopping, her mother’s, anywhere alone. 

After that day, Norah and I talked about personal safety. It had not occurred to us that such a frightening and dangerous event could happen in our city in broad daylight. We talked and realized she needed something small, something she could carry in her purse that would give her a sense of safety at any time.  We checked around, talked to the local police and realized, what she needs is a stun gun.

We’re shopping for one now – there are a lot to choose from. Sure, some people say “better late than never”, but I tell you this.

I wish that that day, when Norah reached into her purse, she came out with a jolt for that punk!

This article was written by Gord. Gord became a customer of Mrs. Stun Gun after his wife's experience. He wanted to tell their story as a part of his family's healing process. We have withheld the family's last name at their request.

Enhancing security in your home is the first step in preventing crime.  Here are 10 tips to help increase the level of personal protection in your home.

1.       Install metal bars across all basement windows.  It is a good deterrent to thieves.  Just make sure they are installed either through the glass panes or on the inside of the house.  Exterior installation makes it easy to remove.

2.       Have a secure front door.  All front doors should open inwards so the hinges are not visible to the outside.  it should be 1.5" thick and a solid core.  Keep doors locked even when your home.

3.       Install proper locks.  Install a deadbolt lock on all exterior doors.  Deadbolts should be at least one inch thick and one inch long.

4.       Build a safe room.  If you are attacked in your home, you may be able to run to the safe room and lock the attacker out while you call for help.  This room is a good place to keep your cell phone battery charger.  This way the phone is there if you ever need to use it.

5.       Purchase motion sensitive exterior lights.  Install them near entrances and other vulnerable areas surrounding your residence.

Touchdown 7.5 Million Volt Stun Gun
6.       Keep your home up.  Your home should have the lived in look even while your away.  The lawn should always be mowed and snow should be shoveled while you're on vacation.

7.       Get to know your neighbors.  They can be your greatest asset if they know when you're gone. It's like an extra set of caring eyes.

8.       Get a dog.  Even a small dog can be a deterrent.  It's much easier for the burglar to go to the neighbors house without a dog than to have to deal with yours.

9.       Answer your door.  If a stranger comes to your door, don't pretend you're not home. Answer it behind the door while keeping it locked and talks through the door or window. If you do decide to open your door, have a charged stun gun in your hand just in case.

10.       Have a proper phone message.  Never leave your personal name on the message and that "you are not home".  Simply say you are not available to take the call. If you are a woman living by yourself, have a male friend create the message for added security.

By following these 10 tips, you will make your home more secure.  And that's what home is all about.  Feeling secure, protected and loved.

As a woman, surely you love spending some nights out having fun, and some of these will be on dates. While you may have chosen to date a guy based on some perceived compatibility, you still shouldn’t let your guard down completely. If this is the first date, you have all the more reason to be cautious while you get to know your guy better. So, would bringing a stun gun protect you on your first date with someone?
We’ve all been there, we’re asked out by a guy and we let him plan the date, and we might be taken to a place we wouldn’t normally go with someone we don’t know so well. What if this is your first time out with him and he takes you to a place where there will be drinking involved? If you’ll be drinking, keep in mind that alcohol can alter your ability to make decisions, which includes the ability to identify suspicious behavior and other warning signs. Keeping a stun gun in your purse gives you the tranquility of knowing that if you don’t have your usual agility to respond to an invasion of your privacy, safety is only one button away.
Stay safe with 3 million volts
If you’re taken to a place that you don’t know, or is a little too far away from your home, keep your ears open for signs of anything suspicious, be aware of the exact location of the place, and always have an escape route. If your date has one too many drinks, keep a friend’s phone number on hand so you have someone to call in case you need to be taken home and your date is indisposed. It’s also a good idea to know of reliable taxi services that could pick you up in that area. In this case, having a stun gun will give you an advantage in case you need to wait outside in the street, especially if the area is dark or unknown.

As with all nightclubs, you should take the precaution of watching your drink being poured and never leaving it unattended. Hopefully, your date took you to a place he already knows, and he’s always there to protect you. Still, having a stun gun in a place where you can easily reach it will give you  the confidence and certainty that if any danger should arise, you have a way of defending yourself. This way, you’ll never be an easy target.

While a stun gun may provide you with the safety of knowing you’re protected in case anything should happen, it’s still not enough to keep you safe from things that might happen while out on a date. We recommend you take precautions to make sure your date goes as planned. After all, you want to be enjoying your date, right? Make sure you have one less thing to worry about by carrying a stun gun with you at all times.