We live in a medium sized city in the north Midwest. It’s a nice place to live, and raise a family. There’s a pro baseball team and a pro football team, two universities and a lot of power shopping centers all around the suburbs.
Our home is in a nice neighborhood about 20 minutes from the downtown. My wife works shift at a hospital, which means she’s often up early, returning home in the mid-afternoon. It’s perfect timing for her, as she gets home just before the kids get out of school.

It’s a good place to live, and we’re happy with our lives. At least we were, until the day my wife was robbed while waiting for public transit.

The public hospital where she works is in an older neighborhood, and it gets pretty seedy sometimes. The ER sees more than its share of drug users, drunks, and assorted beating victims from the poorer sides of town.
Norah was waiting for a bus at a stop just down the street from the hospital. A young punk swaggered up to her and asked for a cigarette. She said no, because she doesn’t smoke.

The punk grabbed the front of her coat, crumpling the fabric tightly with his left hand. He pushed her back against the building’s brickwork.

“Gimme your wallet.”

It was just after 3 in the afternoon, lots of traffic going by a busy intersection. People walked past as panicked, she fumbled with her purse.

The punk grabbed her wallet from her shaking hands, and then thrust her aside.

She stood there terrified, frozen, and not able to think of what to do next. The punk walked about 100 feet before stopping a woman who just turned the corner.

Her bus arrived. The driver could see something was wrong. He helped Norah on the bus before calling the police on his cell phone.

This is what he got her: The Hottie 5 Million
As it worked out, the punk stole less than $5 cash, and two years from my wife – she did not want to go shopping, her mother’s, anywhere alone. 

After that day, Norah and I talked about personal safety. It had not occurred to us that such a frightening and dangerous event could happen in our city in broad daylight. We talked and realized she needed something small, something she could carry in her purse that would give her a sense of safety at any time.  We checked around, talked to the local police and realized, what she needs is a stun gun.

We’re shopping for one now – there are a lot to choose from. Sure, some people say “better late than never”, but I tell you this.

I wish that that day, when Norah reached into her purse, she came out with a jolt for that punk!

This article was written by Gord. Gord became a customer of Mrs. Stun Gun after his wife's experience. He wanted to tell their story as a part of his family's healing process. We have withheld the family's last name at their request.

Enhancing security in your home is the first step in preventing crime.  Here are 10 tips to help increase the level of personal protection in your home.

1.       Install metal bars across all basement windows.  It is a good deterrent to thieves.  Just make sure they are installed either through the glass panes or on the inside of the house.  Exterior installation makes it easy to remove.

2.       Have a secure front door.  All front doors should open inwards so the hinges are not visible to the outside.  it should be 1.5" thick and a solid core.  Keep doors locked even when your home.

3.       Install proper locks.  Install a deadbolt lock on all exterior doors.  Deadbolts should be at least one inch thick and one inch long.

4.       Build a safe room.  If you are attacked in your home, you may be able to run to the safe room and lock the attacker out while you call for help.  This room is a good place to keep your cell phone battery charger.  This way the phone is there if you ever need to use it.

5.       Purchase motion sensitive exterior lights.  Install them near entrances and other vulnerable areas surrounding your residence.

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6.       Keep your home up.  Your home should have the lived in look even while your away.  The lawn should always be mowed and snow should be shoveled while you're on vacation.

7.       Get to know your neighbors.  They can be your greatest asset if they know when you're gone. It's like an extra set of caring eyes.

8.       Get a dog.  Even a small dog can be a deterrent.  It's much easier for the burglar to go to the neighbors house without a dog than to have to deal with yours.

9.       Answer your door.  If a stranger comes to your door, don't pretend you're not home. Answer it behind the door while keeping it locked and talks through the door or window. If you do decide to open your door, have a charged stun gun in your hand just in case.

10.       Have a proper phone message.  Never leave your personal name on the message and that "you are not home".  Simply say you are not available to take the call. If you are a woman living by yourself, have a male friend create the message for added security.

By following these 10 tips, you will make your home more secure.  And that's what home is all about.  Feeling secure, protected and loved.